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Be open to a new world of knowledge and learning, scholarships near me.

Having the vision and interest to study in the university of the united kingdom? some  UK university is offering interested  learners across the world  and nation wide the chance to study with a UK university just for free!

no matter the location and country you are in you are free to be a part and partake in this wonderful opportunity. further more , qualified and interested students in 142 countries can take opportunity of a free ‘digital upgrade’ until 26 February 2022.

get started by exploring this great chance offered by the UK’s world-class universities also You can be certain to find courses that suit your future pursuit and with over 300 more courses including helping you prepare for university, learn more about UK history, history and culture, and getting rid of  some of the biggest global and world challenges of our time.

Having in your mind to grab the opportunity you need to know digital upgrade means?

digital upgrading means you can:

get unlimited access to courses that may not be available in your locality

study while you are at the beauty of your home without any stress or hindrances

acquire  a global certificate (subject to completing at least five steps on the course).

Opportunity similar to this never comes so easily so you are at the right place to make a very good use of this awesome opportunity.  Through the online courses, you will experience what it is like to study at a UK university for free and from your different locations and  home country. Digital certificates will give you recognition for your hard work and not only that you have the status for international or global qualification to apply for an inter-country jobs.

what makes me qualified or eligible?

There is no difficult requirement or what is must that you must do to make you eligible for the scholarship application. All you need: Firstly You must be based in a country that receives Official Development Assistance (ODA). Visit our Frequently Asked Questions  to check if your country receives ODA.

Please note: anyone can do a course for free on the Future Learn platform but free upgrades are only for international learners living in ODA countries. This is because the British Council is committed to increasing access to learning opportunities in developing countries.

Sign up for your free course now

Visit the FutureLearn platform to explore courses.  Remember to look out for the ‘Study UK upgrade available’ banner.

This opportunity and campaign will be available and run from 4 October 2021 to 26 February 2022. Make sure to start your learning as soon as possible so you don’t miss out. This opportunity is on a first come, first served basis.

Do not be left out for education they say is power and knowledge acquired brings wealth and safety.

No knowledge is a waste.

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