Maintaining productivity

Maintaining productivity
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How do i remain productive in my business and career{Maintaining productivity}

Maintaining productivity: The word productivity has been problem to so many industries,firms,manufacturing companies and even individuals in this century finds it so difficult to be productive in their life and daily strive to success.Here we will be discussing the meaning of productivity and how an individual can become and maintain productivity.

To be productive is a great task and much more to remain or maintain productivity.Having a firm and its looks like you battle with productivity,worry no more because i am going to explain the meaning of productivity in details so that the knowledge you will acquire will help you and go a long  way to enable you get rid of lack of productivity and you will have to remain confident and fully assured that you can provide with good and quality resource and be productive without the assistance of a third party. First of all we will have to discuss the meaning of productivity as regards to Education;

Seeing productivity in the perspective of a student.

WHAT IS PRODUCTIVTY: Productivity is normally defined or said to be a ratio between the output volume and the volume of inputs. In other words, it identifies and regulates how efficiently production inputs is, such ascapital, labour and profit , this three factors are in most cases used in an economy to produce a given measure of output . For illustration, productivity data being used to investigate the impact of products and labours market regulations on economic and profit performance. Productivity growth are made up of an important element for modelling and regulating the productive volume or outcome of economies. It also allows analysts to determine capacity utilisation, which definitely allows one to gauge the state of economies in the business sector and to forecast economic improvement and growth. furthermore, production capacity is used to regulate and assess demand and inflationary pressures in an economic system or business sections.Productivity is considered a one  of the most essential key source that determines economic growth and competitiveness, as such, is basic statistical information for many international comparisons and country performance.

Analyzing the meaning of productivity: In other to remain relivant in your filed of production and to maintain profit as a production manager or a producer, first of all you have to consider the Ratio between the out put volume and the volume of inputs. While producing, having done with the first production second is to evaluate what it took you to make out the first product{that is the input} having evaluated what money you invested in the initial production,next is to check if it really profits you or not.The concept of profit and loss is necessary to be rightly evaluated while striving to be productive. When proper evaluations is been made about the first product or production it therefor determines if you need to put more effort to the next production as regards to the profit in which it’s going to return.

Having red through that simple analogy i want to on my little experience as a production manager release some words of advice to help you migrate from zero productivity to 95% of productivity.

1.In every day life while you are seeking to be productive in your daily skills of manufacturing more products: you need to try the life of efficiency in daily techniques(EDT). Being efficient in your daily techniques will go a long way to boost your productivity level and manufacturing capability or stability.

2.Remain persistent in all you do to earn a living; being persistence also implies that you be consistence in the quest to make more success in your productivity count.There are so many areas outlined above that you need to consider while getting to understand the concept of productivity.

3.Practice to remain consistent in your research of better ways to do it better and learn from your failed projects while you struggle to be productive.Learning from your mistakes will boost your idea to give a greater effort to your new acquired skill.



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