Definition and importance of persistence


Definition and importance of persistence:Rev. Bill Hybels, the founder and senior pastor of willow creek community church in south Barrington, illinois, told an interesting story that teaches the importance of persistence. This memorable event happened in one of their church baptismal service. The story goes this way:

“I bumped into a woman on the stairs who was crying, i thought this was a little odd, since the service was so joyful. I asked her is she was alright and she said, no am struggling . She also said my her mom was baptized today, i prayed for every day for almost 20 years. The reason am crying is because i came close to giving up on her. At the 5th year mark,  i said, who needs this? GOD is not listening. At the 10th year mark, i said, why am i wasting my breath. At the 15th year mark, i said, i am just a fool. But i just kept trying praying even with weak faith i kept praying. Then she gave her life to christ, and she was baptized today. I will never doubt the power and wonders of persistence in anything”

Most failures come because of the inability to discover the closeness of success before giving up. It takes persistence to live and exist with undeniable proofs on this planet earth. People without persistence easily becomes tired of life and then see suicide as the best alternative. It takes persistence to live a fulfilled life. It takes to marry and stay married for life. It takes persistence to commence an expensive structure and bring it to completion. It takes persistence to begin a relationship of any kind and maintain it. In fact, almost all areas of life reality requires persistence. So it is a virtue every potential champion should covet without hesitation.

3 outlined way of developing and maintaining persistence

1} Do an in depth study of people who have succeeded:

The success of every successful man is in his story. It will interest you to know that every level of attainment you want to get to, there must have been men that had trod on such level and emerged global celebrities. Do no just recognize them by acknowledging their achievement; rather move to the edge of doing in depth study of their lives from the out set of life and career, carefully reading their life stories.

2} Reject the attitude of underestimating the process of time:

Another means of developing persistence is to reject the attitude of underestimating the amount of time that is required to bring to reality your expected success. just that you should not underestimate the gravity of experience in the process of actualizing a dream, you should not also underestimate the interval between when a vision is received and the time it is to fulfill. This is not to assert that one should jettision the ideology that teaches on setting of goals and time of fulfillment to such goals, but it is necessary to be flexible to an extent, though it may not necessary be vocal.

3} lastly is never give up on your faith.

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